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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Local Community Initiatives

IPSA is dedicated to actively engaging with local communities where our plants are situated. Firstly, we strive to ensure that the impact of our activities is kept to a minimum. Since the construction of our Newcastle plant we have undertaken the landscaping of the adjoining building site in order to return it to a more natural condition.

Secondly, we aim to actively contribute to the local community. We have links with a local school and most recently IPSA sponsored a project of theirs by providing shirts for pupils. We have also assisted the local chapter of the Red Cross by providing sponsorship through their local golf-day fundraiser.

Finally, IPSA is strongly committed to the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) as put in place by the South African government. We aim to ensure that a proportion of our shares are not only placed according to the program but we seek investors who have a long-term interest in our company and share our values.

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